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  • Regulate, or we’ll all be playing monopoly.

    2011 - 02.04

    I recently encountered the following statement: Imagine that you sell oil to people. You sell at a price that people are glad to pay and you have fantastic customer loyalty. Next, imagine that RIAA Oil Company decides to move into your market. They GIVE oil away for a full year. They can afford this because [...]

    Another Someplace

    2010 - 12.17

    I recently found a relatively new book that is free called Withur We. I bring it up because it is, in essence, an expansion of my previous post The Tale of Someplace. I haven’t read it entirely yet, but I have skimmed parts, and it appears to be a futuristic science fiction novel about a [...]

    The Pledge of Allegiance

    2010 - 12.06

    Recently I’ve had the opportunity to witness the ceremony called ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ performed by some youth of the United States of America. Generally, the pledge looks like this: people in attendance stand and face the flag. They place their hand over their hearts, or, if in uniform, perform some kind of salute. The [...]


    2010 - 12.03

    I was recently at a party where someone brought up the recent hubbub surrounding the Transportation Security Administration of the United States and their new scanners. A woman at the party was obviously angry about the whole thing and made an interesting statement regarding her feelings. I’ll paraphrase: What happened to the Fourth Amendment? It’s [...]

    The Tale of Someplace

    2010 - 11.19

    Once upon a time there was a new and pristine land with no human inhabitants called Someplace. Several people left where they were living and traveled to Someplace to being a new life, free to live as they wished. The first of those was Chilon, a wise sage who wished to be free. Chilon was [...]

    How to get from here to there?

    2010 - 11.18

    Thales explains how to move from a government to an anarchy. He doesn’t explain what to do when you get there.

    Why doesn’t Thales vote?

    2010 - 11.01

    Herman writes: Thales, you’ve mentioned before that you don’t vote. Could you explain why? There are elections coming up… Yes Herman, I will explain why. Many of my arguments will come from a discussion between Lew Rockwell and Doug Casey. Just so you know. There are several reasons not to vote. I will try to [...]

    What separates man from animals?

    2010 - 10.14

    The simple answer is that the answer doesn’t make a bit of difference, so why ask the question?

    What is a deficit?

    2010 - 10.10

    Dollar Bill writes: Dear Thales, Every year for many years the United States has had a deficit. Is this because we lack resources; and if so are the lack of resources caused by restriction to resources or is our population larger than the carrying capacity of the land. Or, are all the resources sequestered among [...]

    Conflict resolution without government

    2010 - 10.08

    Kallie writes: If there is no government: 1) someone breaks into my house, steals my money and kills my family.  What is the punishment for that person? 2) I sell my car to someone, they are able to take my car, then decide they don’t want to pay me.  How do I recover either my [...]

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